Explorers are like eagles: bold, independent, free, self-confident and have a great desire to explore new horizons from different perspectives.

We have always thought that, even in the most adverse conditions, the adventurous explorers will be able to continue along their path, towards their goals, in search of unique and authentic experiences. Like eagles do.

Hence the name “Royal Eagle Road“.

The eagle represents freedom, courage, determination and loyalty, traits that we believe correspond to adventurous explorers.

The road is seen as a metaphor for the life path of everyone, both figurative and real. An invitation to leave the comfort zone and walk off the beaten tracks, far from mass tourism.

Royal Eagle Road, the online shop dedicated to explorers created by nature and travel lovers.


Royal Eagle Road is an Italian brand of backpacks and travel accessories born in the mind of a traveler: dreamer, adventurer, curious to explore new destinations and different cultures. The inspiration comes from the love for the backpacking trip, out of the comfort zone, surrounded by nature, in search of unique experiences.

I am Eleonora and I come from Abruzzo. After a couple of years spent in China and solo backpacking for Southeast Asia, I started thinking about creating that could embrace my passions and my skills.

It was in one of those solo trips that the idea of ​​creating a brand of travelers’ products was born.

I spent months gathering travel experiences from different parts of the world, rearranging photos taken in previous years and studying closely the characteristics of the backpacks most appreciated by backpackers.

The idea was taking shape: it came from a single mind but the realization of the project was done by several hands. There are some collaborators but my sidekick is Marialuigia, partner and co-founder of the Royal Eagle Road. Involving her in this new project means bringing to life a business run by women, by two sisters.

“We have always dreamed big and as the project began to take shape, our collaboration became fundamental. We are two distinct personalities but together we move the same engine . Combining our ideas, our passions and our knowledge, we started from designing backpacks to opening an online store . “


The backpacks have been designed taking in mind the backpacker travel experience.

We designed modern and functional backpacks, enhanced the quality of the materials, the colors and the versatility in order to create products that can always be current over time. It is precisely the characteristics that make the backpacks suitable for both trekking and urban outdoor.

We love traveling and being in contact with nature. We first test the products, carefully evaluate all aspects and only then we place them on the market. We treasure the daily feedbacks to turn them into growth goals.

Our brand is born with the aim of inspiring, motivating and guiding new explorers towards new unconventional destinations.

Royal Eagle Road. Unconventional Exploring