Let’s connect with nature: 6 benefits

The benefits of the contact with nature on the body and mind

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Spending time outdoors is therapeutic for the body and mind, a wellness treatment that makes us feel regenerated and happy. It happens to everyone to experience a feeling of lucidity and relief upon returning from a walk in the woods, an afternoon by the sea or a few minutes of relaxation in the hills. These are some of nature’s beneficial effects.

A few hours a week immersed in nature can be enough to feel the real positive effects on our body: lowering of pressure, reduction of the risk of asthma, allergies, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The benefits of nature are also significant on mental health by enhancing mood, making us happy and increasing life expectancy.

The great improvement in life because of the outdoor activities is a proven fact. Spending time immersed in nature, far from technology and electronic devices, is increasingly becoming a therapeutic program to improve health and give a sense of wellness. The positive effects on the organism do not come only from vegetation and trees, but also from watercourses such as rivers, lakes and seas.

Let’s find out what the benefits of nature are and why you should give yourself time in nature.


1. Reduces stress and improve mood

A walk in a park reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, limiting the risk of anxiety and depression. The green color has a calming effect on the brain and positive action on the control of negative emotions and aggression. The contact with nature promotes recovery from daily stress not only for the quality of the air, the absence of noises typical of the city but also for the ideal temperature. The smells and scents that come from the leaves, the trunks of the trees and the ground stimulate positive memories and emotions.

2. Increases creativity and the ability to deal with emotions

A few hours spent in nature can help stimulate creative thinking and imagination, both in children and adults. Attending non-crowded spaces improves the ability to cope with difficulties and the silence of nature enhances problem-solving.
Studies have shown that frequent nature walks can lead to greater self-esteem, self-satisfaction and a better willingness to help others.

3. Clean air and sunlight are good for the health

Nowadays, we spend a lot of time in dimly lit rooms, only ventilated by air conditioning, in front of a computer screen. We run into the traffic and smog of the big cities to come home and lock ourselves for a couple of hours in front of the TV or mobile phone. To regenerate your body, especially the lungs and eyes, it is advisable to immerse yourself in nature to increase the circulation of oxygen in the blood, but also to expose yourself to natural light. Plants have anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties which boost the immune system and protect against depression. Ultraviolet rays have many benefits for the body such as improving mood, strengthening bones and preventing diseases.

4. Increase the attention capacity

Being in contact with nature improves memory, concentration and learning skills. Nowadays, society is daily inundated with information, colors and noises that cause a decrease in attention. Immersing yourself in nature for a few hours can also help to increase the concentration rate.

5. Helps unplug and detoxify from technology

Immersion in nature gives a sense of energy and vitality with a consequent increasing enthusiasm to perform daily tasks. From time to time it would be a good practice to disconnect electronic devices and immerse yourself in nature, observing their colors, listening to their sounds but above all experiencing sensations we have perhaps forgotten. There will never be anything that can compete with the emotions in front of a sunset or the birds singing on the trees.

6. Helps to keep in shape

A walk in the woods, a short climb, a bike ride or a swim in the sea brings more benefits for the body compared to the whole day spent in the gym. Doing some physical exercise in the open air or habitually walking in nature helps to keep heartbeat and blood pressure under control. Any type of movement is highly effective and above all it is free!

In Japan, there is a traditional practice called Shinrin-yoku or a multisensory immersion in the woods. It is not simply doing physical exercise or trekking. Rather it is taking a moment to reconnect with the surrounding environment with all the senses: listening to the sounds of the forest, breathing in the scents, observing the nuances of color and establishing closer contact with the earth and plants.

Some tips to get ready for an excursion

1.The clothing. Wear warm, light and comfortable clothing for easier movement. The fabrics need to be breathable and absorb the sweat. During summer excursions, we recommend bringing a small cooling towel that comes in handy to protect your head or cool your shoulders on hot days.

2. Healthy food. Before the excursion, have a light and sugar-rich breakfast. To avoid the risk of dehydration, bring some fresh fruit and dried fruit or low protein bars to quench hunger. During outdoor activities, do not forget to bring a double-walled stainless steel thermal bottle that keeps the temperature of your drinks steady. It is suitable both in summer and in winter.

3. Shoes. Shoes are essential and not all models are suitable for trekking and hiking in the mountains. In this case, sneakers are not recommended as they may not cling well to the ground. Boots or trekking shoes are preferable as long as they do not have a smooth sole.

4. Localization. Walking alone in the mountains could be dangerous, it is better to go in a group and bring a mobile phone with GPS, a flashlight or any other geolocation tool. Our 12×50 mm monoculars with a built-in torch, laser and compass function are ideal for hiking in the mountains.

5. Backpack. The choice of a trekking backpack should not be underestimated. To ensure greater freedom of movement, always choose light and comfortable backpacks with breathable and padded backrests.

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