Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer when you visit certain websites. For the site we use cookies, requesting consent from the user where required by law or applicable regulations, to memorize the configuration and preferences, facilitate navigation and personalize information addressed to the user. We also use similar systems to collect information about users for statistical or security purposes, such as for example IP address, browser type, operating system used and visited pages.

Cookies serve various purposes allowing the user to efficiently navigate between pages, improve the experience and interaction with our website.

Cookies can be set and used directly by us or by third parties. The parties that place these cookies can be suppliers we work with to create our website, companies that participate in affiliate marketing programs with us and other parties. We use social media cookies to integrate social media sharing tools (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) into our website and to measure the effectiveness of such sharing tools.

We use different types of cookies, depending on their functionality and purpose:

These cookies allow you to browse the site using its features and are indispensable for its proper functioning. They are used to identify the user in a unique way compared to other users, in order to provide the user with a consistent and precise service. Disabling necessary cookies can compromise the experience of use and navigation of the website with the result that some features are not accessible or may not work properly

These cookies collect information on the use of our website, analyze traffic, perform statistical evaluation of collective characteristics, visitor behavior and allow us to improve its functioning. Through these cookies, we can detect the number of visitors, to understand the most visited pages and the difficulties the user could experience during the navigation. The information collected by these cookies is aggregated anonymously and it is not possible to identify the user.

The use of navigation cookies as well as the analytical and performance cookies does not require your consent as they are considered “technical cookies”. In any case, at any moment, you can modify your navigation browser in order to disable these cookies using the browser settings. If technical cookies are disabled some features or functionality of the site may not be guaranteed.

For more information about Google cookie policy:

For more information on the conditions of use of Google Analytics and more clarifications on data protection:

Cookies are usually the result of a user’s action, but they can also be implemented in the provision of a service, not explicitly requested, but offered to the user.

They can be used to offer a specific service to a particular user and to keep track of user choices. The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and cannot trace the user’s behavior to other sites.

We will use this information to show you the content that is best suited to you and your interests. This information will also be used to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

These cookies are used to offer advertisements more relevant to your personal interests or to show you products similar to those you have previously viewed. The use of these cookies does not imply the processing of personal data.


The first time the user visits the site, all cookies different from those strictly necessary for normal browsing are installed or activated only after expressing the consent. Consent can be expressed by closing the brief information banner, by clicking on the OK button, or by clicking on any element of the page.


You can change your preferences or disable cookies through the settings of your navigation browser:



Internet Explorer



The total or partial disabling of technical cookies can compromise the use of the correct functionality of the site. Disabling “third party” or profiling cookies does not affect browsing in any way.


The social network icons on the website allow users to interact directly with social network platforms. The user can refer to the privacy policy related to data management on social networks:

For more information on the processing of personal data, including the rights of the interested party, please refer to the information on the processing of personal data.


We periodically update our cookie policy or modify it to comply with legal, commercial or technical requirements. Any changes to this policy will become effective when the updated version is available on this website.

Last update: 02/01/2020