Digital detox: how to switch off and connect with nature

What does Digital Detox mean?

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Digital Detox: A new trend

We often need to detoxify our body with healthy nutrition and diuretic drinks. Rarely we consider getting rid of (almost invisible) toxins that come from an incorrect lifestyle which constantly binds us to cellphones, computers, internet and electronic devices.

Digital detox is intended as a temporary period of fully disconnecting from digital devices to focus on real-life social interactions without distractions.

“Fomo” (Fear Of Missing Out) is considered an anxiety disorder that comes from constantly checking the phone or computer, to stay updated with what happens to the rest of our community.

We are addicted to social networks and sometimes we make decisions according to the opinion of our community instead of what we really want. Some holidays are out of our budget but we are tempted to book them as long as there is the opportunity to share pictures on social networks. We scroll the feeds and focus on the happiness of other people, ignoring that on the social networks sadness and inner solitude are magically filtered through a screen.

A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine discusses the connection between the excessive use of social networks and the sense of loneliness and isolation in young people.

Can we really blame the technology?

In recent years, technology has simplified daily tasks compared to a couple of decades ago.

Think for a moment of business meetings you have taken part comfortably sitting on the couch with the pajama pants still on. Now consider how easily we can keep in touch with friends known during our trips without worrying anymore about the postcard sent and lost in some corner of the world. Not to mention the electronic devices that have significantly simplified the way we search for information. An incredible window on the world available 24/7. Are you curious to take a tour in New Zealand or climb on the summit of the Himalaya? Never been easier with Google!

Maybe it’s too much.

Whether for leisure or for work, we are constantly connected to the phone and available at any time of the day. Sometimes we realize that this is not an advantage.

We receive business e-mails during the safari in Africa, video conferences under the palm trees of Thailand, spending more time in front of the screen than actually living the trip. Have you really switched off or simply changed the location?

Unplug and immerse yourself in nature

When you move away from the screen and start appreciating the simplest things in life, you can finally find yourself. Even if you are tempted to check notifications, try to spend a few hours without putting your hand on the phone. A first step towards the Digital Detox.

Diverting attention from the virtual world, you will focus on yourself and on the present moment.It is even better if surrounded by nature. In fact, fresh air and vegetation offer great benefits for both body and mind.

In recent years, many studies showed the benefits of walking in the open air and incredible improvements to the health. It is a simple form of exercise that should become part of our lifestyle.

On your next trip try a challenge. Forget about any electronic device at least for 24 hours and write down all the sensations you are feeling. Have you ever thought about the scent of jasmine, the color of butterflies or the sounds of nature?

Digital Detox can help you to rediscover forgotten sensations.

Digital detox: travel to find yourself

Travelling has different meanings. Some people experience it mainly as a business purpose, others as relaxation and physical well-being, others as a discovery, while others as introspection and a search for themselves.

Whatever the meaning of the trip is for you, remember to live it to the fullest.

Think about how many moments we have spent searching for the best angle to take a photo or the most suitable filter for a selfie to upload on Instagram. Maybe we have ignored everything in the surroundings, even people.

A sunset or a particular tropical animal captured in a photograph will make you remember the moment and, after years, will convey the same emotions.

What if you try to enjoy the moment by keeping the phone away and experiencing only authentic emotions?

The less we use technology, the more we live our emotions.

Traveling can prove to be the most suitable opportunity to reduce the stress caused by the daily rush. It also reminds us about the value of small things and makes us appreciate everything that surrounds us: from nature to animals, from ourselves to people.

Tips to put technology away for a while

Here are
some ideas to unplug and connect with nature:

  • Live your real life, dedicate some time to yourself and gradually make a habit of it.
  • Walk in the nearest park or hike in the mountains to relax your muscles and eyes.
  • Meet your friends leaving the phones at home. Alternatively, put them in a box and pick them up only when you say goodbye.
  • Listen to your feelings and write them every day on a paper notebook (unfortunately we are losing the habit of holding a pen).
  • Share a pleasant experience such as a day out or a dinner with your friends.
  • Immerse yourself in nature with all five senses and concentrate on the emotions it arouses.
  • Be aware that life beyond a screen is more genuine and does not need any type of filter.
  • Listen to your natural rhythm.
  • Practice outdoor sports, it will give you physical strength and mental clarity.

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